Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great decorating Apps!

On most jobs I go to, I am known to travel with my decorating toolbox. Most clients look at me curiously as I roll this contraption into their home. "What in the world does she keep in there?" they wonder. While I am quite reluctant to divulge the contents of my rolling life-line (featured below)......

....I will expose the contents of my second most reliable toolbox: my iPhone.

Here are some great decorating apps I have come across. Some I have downloaded and some I have not. (Yes, call me cheap but I haven't sprung for the more expensive ones yet. And yes, I am calling a $2.99 app expensive. And yes, I do realize how contradictory it is to pay $6.00 for a coffee at Starbucks but call a $2.99 app expensive. I know, I'm complicated.). Ok, enough self-analysis.

Here are the apps you should check out:

Art.com (FREE): This app allows you to upload a photograph of the room to be decorated. Insert a select piece of art from their collection into the photograph to see how it would look. I have purchased prints from Art.com so I think this is pretty cool to show a client!

Zapd (FREE): As a homeowner, you can create really cool websites for any facet of your life: vacation, graduation, holidays, etc. As a Realtor or Home Stager, it allows you to create a quick website for your clients to show off their newly staged home. Just take pictures with your iPhone, drop them in the website, add links and you've got your own site!

Benjamin Moore Color Capture (FREE)- I am obsessed with this app! Take a picture of any color that moves you and Benjamin Moore will match it to a paint color of theirs. For instance, the manicure chair I was sitting in yesterday was a beautiful match to their color "Kiwi". Even if you aren't in the market to re-paint something, it is still a cool toy!

Kravet Lee Jofa (FREE):  This app features the beautiful fabrics and furniture available through Kravet Lee Jofa and you can search the vast array of fabrics by style, designer, material, color, etc. andy little tool and the fabric prints can serve as a great piece of inspiration.

iHandy Level (FREE): I can't walk by a picture without straightening it (which has caused for some awkward moments at restaurants!) and now my iPhone ensures that I can get it perfect! This is a neat little tool and toy to whip out at a moments notice!

PriceGrabber  (FREE): This app is great to help you comparison shop while in the heat of shopping. Great way to find the best price on anything and I love the handy scanner component!

HomeSizer ($2.99): This nifty little app allows you to calculate square footage of a room, as well as usable square footage of a room. It also tallies up the estimate gross square footage of an entire house! Pretty neat!

Ebay Mobile (FREE): Never miss the end of an auction again! 

addDecor ($3.99): Share, define and refine your design ideas all in one app!

If anyone springs for the expensive apps, drop me a comment and let me know how they are. And if you have a few 'secret weapon' apps of your own, I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have a new IPad 2 and haven't had time to install many apps or so appreciate your list. My favorite app is "Square" which makes it possible to process credit card payments on my IPad!


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