Monday, April 8, 2013

New Client...New Master Bedroom

One of my favorite rooms in the house to design is the Master Bedroom. The furniture layout is usually fairly standard and very straight forward. While other rooms in the house may have multiple functions- the main function of the bedroom is to relax and rejuvenate.

Here are few of my tips for a sumptuous bedroom: 

Tip #1: Focus on mixing textiles. And choose fabrics that feel good! I love to mix fabrics such as linens, velvets, cottons and wools. I love working with a monochromatic palette(one color...although can be multiple shades of one color!) mixed with whites, creams, beiges, blacks and browns depending on the room. This keeps things simple and less complicated for the eye...creating an overall soothing effect.

Here I am loving the monochromatic shades in mixed fabrics such as silks...crushed velvets....crisp cotton....yum!

Tip #2: Focus on light control and window treatments! Window treatments in the bedroom are crucial! You absolutely need to focus on light control in this room over any other. Spend a little extra to get the black-out liner on drapes, panels or roman shades. Choose wooden blinds with no holes so the light can't sneak in...these upgrades are all worth the good night's sleep!

Have multiple light sources around the room and add a dimmer to that overhead light! This is very important as your are winding down to sleep- the light will stimulate you so have a bedside lamp, dimmers or sconces so the light can slowly be turned down as you prepare for a dreamy night of slumber.

Tip #3: Keep the family photos to a minimum! This one is not a hard design rule but I like to follow this rule. It may seem silly but lots of little eyes looking at you is hardly relaxing. Maybe one or two photos is fine but I wouldn't do a gallery wall in my bedroom or clutter up the dresser with lots of photos. Think minimal...if you have a gaping empty wall space that calls out for something to be hung- hang mirrors or a piece of soothing artwork....

Tip #4: Control the Clutter! No one can relax with unpaid bills, newspapers, piles of laundry or daunting paperwork laying around the bedroom. Keep the clutter to a minimum....the floors are clear, the tabletops are clear and your mind will be clear for a relaxing night of sleep. Doesn't this photo make you feel relaxed already? Love it!

Ok, after writing this post- I think I am going back to bed!

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