Monday, April 29, 2013

Crate and Barrel Sketch

So I know I told you in a previous post about the Crate & Barrel chair I designed for the Designer Custom Challenge. This challenge was so much fun- whether I win or not- it was a blast designing my very own chair! The chair I selected was the Essex Chair which is a Lee Industries frame sold at Crate & Barrel. beautiful!

Essex Chair with Casters

Then I went on the Lee website and into Crate and Barrel and selected my inspiration was to design a chair for a Ladies Library. Imagine a powerhouse, female CEO. Libraries are typically designed with dark woods, leathers and menswear patterns. I decided to give that a little twist with some stripes, hounds tooth and florals...

Then I came home, broke out the old colored pencils and got to sketching...this was my final design....

It might be hard to tell from the sketch but the seat is done in a light ticking stripe, the back seat cushion is a light neutral floral and the back and base of the seat is done in a khaki hounds-tooth fabric. I think they announce winners this month so we'll see what happens! The best part is that anyone can really design their own chair by visiting Crate & Barrel and selecting from their gorgeous frames and fabrics!


  1. It's beautiful, I want to buy it!!

  2. Good for you for treating yourself! The new sofa looks lovely – I can’t wait to see more of it! Design For A Small Family


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