Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is up with this chair?

I first laid eyes on this chair in the Restoration Hardware catalog...I thought is was unique...quite divine and a little odd....perhaps it reminded me of myself. But many of my clients at the time were traditional in taste and I thought they would throw their Ethan Allen wing back at me if I even suggested this chair. In design world it is called a dome chair...although I like to think of it as an over-achieving, type A wing chair. (insert laugh here)

And now, I have seen it creeping into magazines and even television shows. I feel like I am playing Where's Waldo with this chair....
Restoration Hardware

Here it is trying to steal the photo in House Beautiful in a lovely green made it on the cover of House Beautiful for March 2012.
House Beautiful
The always stylish Layla Grace has its own version of the Dome Chair:
Layla Grace Dome Chair

And here is one that I found on Houzz sold by High Fashion Home

Dome Chair eclectic chairs

And if any of you watch the hilarious sitcom Rules of Engagement (which, btw, was that canceled? Hasn't been on in a long time...boohoo). Anyway, there is an episode where Audrey buys this dome chair and hates it when she gets it home but won't admit it to her husband Jeff...very funny marriage can check the episode out right here.
The Chair episode
Have you seen this chair creeping into your design reads? What is the vote....yay or nay? I kind of like it but don't quite have a place for it yet.....


  1. It's definitely pretty, but a bit much for my 1948 Cape Cod. I could see it in a grand room or at least one with soaring ceilings. I think I would feel a little claustrophobic under the top or like I was under an old school dryer at the salon, lol.

  2. actually saw this chair during las vegas market. this vendor has very large pieces of furniture - perfect for homes with large amount of space, high ceilings - in short - great for open floor plan spaces! but i could totally see talking on a cell phone in it - private! :-)

  3. Well, design-wise I sorta like it, but I would never have one in my home, because it just doesn't seem very functional. I say its a nay. Good discussion though!

  4. I totally watch that show! As soon as I saw the chair I remembered that episode! :) Haaaa

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