Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Housing Works Design on a Dime....I have to share!

Ok, I have to admit, I almost didn't want to share this....I wanted to buy everything up myself but being the unselfish blogger that I am....I have to spread the word.

I was reading my most recent edition of House Beautiful and came across an ad for the HousingWorks Design on a Dime Gala Benefit and Sale to take place in NYC from April 26th - 28th. While kicking around the idea of whether or not I'd like to attend, I found my way over to the website to see if it was worth me putting on heels for.....look 'a what I is a thrift store lovers haven!

I think I might die....this is too dangerous to be able to thrift shop from home!! Good news is that all proceeds benefit Housing Works and its housing services for low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. Check out the site...they also have accessories, shoes, handbags and more! It is worth a visit for sure.....and for those of you outside of NY, the smaller items can be shipped! Yeah for all! Which pieces would you be bidding on? I might have to put the heels on and make my way into NYC for this one!


  1. Oh wow! I saw the same ad, but didn't investigate.I might have to grab my bff and my heels (if I can find them, it's been so long) and make my way in. I would love me some armchairs!

  2. I have seen the ad but have not visited the site - I should have! Oh my goodness! I love thrifting. Thank you.


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