Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tag...you're it!

Thanks to Erin at Out on a Limb for tagging me in a blogging Q&A which has been going around the blogosphere.... Here are the answers to her questions...and then I've tagged some of  my favorite bloggers at the end. Here are the answers I came up with this sleep deprived morning thanks to the local stomach bug making its way through my home....
 First, here are the rules of tagging....
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you; then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  • Tag 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Let them know you have tagged them.
1. What led you to blogging?
I took the plunge and started my own interior design business just a few years ago after years of being out of school. I started the blog about 8 months ago in an attempt to supplement my business presence online but since then I have realized a whole new wonderful world that blogging has opened me up to.

2. What's one goal you have for your blog?
One goal I have for my little blog is that it gets people as excited about design as I am (and occasionally gets them to chuckle). Ever since I was little, I was passionate about furniture, color and design. It just gets my heart pumping! (I'm probably the only college kid who spent their hard earned money on pottery.... Fiesta-ware was my obsession!) I know some people find decorating intimidating so if I can inspire or excite one reader about my passion for design then my blog is doing its job!
3. What's your favorite part of your home?
My bedroom- not large but very soothing....limited clutter, great colors and my Restoration Hardware bedding which makes my bed feel like a haven!

4. What would your closet or home (your choice) say about you?
My closet would say "it is time to move or take over your husband's closet because it is just too small and poorly organized"....
5. Favorite meal or comfort food?
Pizza....I'm a New Yorker.....I really don't need more than a good slice!

6. What item would you love to splurge on if money was no object?
A Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Sofa....if I knew my kids and dog would be kind to it.

7.If you had an entire day alone, with no responsibilities or obligations, how would you spend it?
First to the gym, then a massage, then in the bed with my computer, design magazines and the tv tuned to Bravo.

8.Favorite vacation destination?
Italy.....Sorrento to be exact.

9. Do you live near your hometown, or have you moved far away?
I moved about 50 miles away- still go back all the time!
10. What's your dream job, if there is such a thing?
I'm doing it....part-time designer, full-time Mom!
11. Complete this thought. Ten years ago...
I was a month away from marrying my soul-mate. Here we are, almost ten years later, two kids, lots of memories and (God-willing) many years ahead of us!

Ok, enough about me...Since I would love to get to know you, the readers, better- pick a question and answer it in the comment section!

Here are the eleven bloggers I tagged and below are their eleven questions. I selected some of my favorite blogs and these are some busy ladies so I understand if they don't continue the tag!

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1. If your life was a movie, who would play you?
2. Favorite guilty pleasure reality show?
3. One makeup product you could not live without?
4. If you could design one celebrity's home, whose would it be and why?
5. What was the biggest splurge item you ever purchased for your home?
6. If you could get any car you could afford, which would it be?
7. The best meal you can make is...
8. Favorite magazine is...
9. Favorite Smartphone App is...
10. The one thing you will always find in my fridge is....
11. Meeting the girls out for Girls Night...first drink of the night is....


  1. Thank you so much for playing along Joanne! It was great to get to know more about you. Since I am in desperate need of a girl's night out I will answer number 11. First drink would be a glass of prosecco or a pint of Stella and I'm a happy camper.

    Thanks again and hope you and your family are feeling better soon.

  2. 1) Clearly Angelina Jolie would play me . . . or Tina Fey . . .probably Tina Fey :)
    2) My guilty pleasure show would be Real Housewives of Orange County! So Embarrassing!
    3) Couldn't live with out concealer!
    4)I would design Jason Statemen's house because it would require many long nights together going over samples . . .with wine . . . naked! ;)
    5)Biggest Splurge would be my professional grade gas stove! LOVE IT!
    6)Any car would be a 911 porche or and audi R8
    7)Best meal I make is Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and potato salad!
    8)Favorite Magazine is: Martha Stewart Living, or House and HOme
    9)Favorite App. is the sims game hehe
    10) PICKLES!!!! Every shape every kind! mmmm . . .
    11)Depends on the season! Glass of RED is always good!
    Thanks for the tag
    Lots of Love


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