Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Heart Galbraith & Paul

While fabric shopping for a client's ottoman....I fell in love.....big time! I had to share my love affair with Galbraith & Paul EVERYTHING! Their patterns are divine but their colorways are even more amazing. I love one more than the next....but here are my faves:

Couldn't you see this on a wall in a girl's nursery? You have to check out the other colorways...always a treat!
Galbraith & Paul Lotus Wallpaper

 Named after my favorite cookie: the Pizzelle and yes, it also comes in a velvet...yum!
Galbraith & Paul Pizzelle Fabric
 And while most of their lines are available to the trade only, they do have a lighting line at Room & Board:

Galbraith & Paul Lighting
I think it is high time I get myself some swatches of these patterns to pin on my board and adore!

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