Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Historic Hardware and pieces for an old home

Last week I spent some time doing a staging consult in an old Colonial home. On my staging consults, I walk through the home with the homeowner (and sometimes the Realtor) and give my advice and suggestions on changes they could make to prepare their home for sale. In older homes, there are unique challenges since buyers are very discerning and still expect an "updated home" even if the house was built over 100 years ago. (And one of the great pleasures of living in my area of Westchester, NY is that there are houses peppered throughout the county that were built during pre-revolutionary times- George Washington and many of his peers have stayed in these historic homes!) In fact, here is a photo of the Davenport House in Yorktown Heights and its historical marker:
The Davenport House, Yorktown Heights, NY
One of the challenges in working in these homes is updating the details and maintaining the historic integrity. (just an FYI, if you were doing a true construction on a historic home, their are professionals who are equipped to handle these restorations. I am talking about handling minor tweaks such as hardware!) One of the resources I rely on for detail pieces such as door hinges, door knobs, push & kick plates and especially floor registers is House of Antique Hardware. They have such great pieces, many can be used in new construction as well as historic homes! You can even shop by the style of the home (Colonial, Victorian, Arts & Crafts) is a "must shop" on my resource list!
Colonial Door Knocker
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  1. Wow! I love when retailers can make shopping easy and productive! Thanks for the references--now onto a home! Love that there is so much history so close by!

  2. I love the history behind homes like these and would love to see how you polish and prepare one for sale. So interesting.

    I've bestowed a little blogging award upon you, Joanne, the Liebster, for up and coming bloggers. Thanks for all of your support and sweet comments.

    Have a great weekend!

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