Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great new window treatment resource!

So today I am the Featured Designer over at the Blinds First blog, Blindsopedia. I was very excited when Blindsopedia asked me to contribute and share some of my thoughts on window treatments so I got up on my soapbox and called myself the Rachel Zoe of windows....yes, people, I was having a good day that day! Anyway, please go check out the post and I appreciate any comments you can leave there! Due to space constraints, they did not include all the yummy photos I chose to join the story so I am posting those here. Its a teaser to my story!

And if you are not familiar with Blinds First, they are a new shop at home window resource with great support for their customers. Check out their FREE samples and their great return policy. Always love finding new resources.

BTW, I was not paid for this post in money or window treatments! But I am featured on their Facebook Page as the Featured Designer....go 'Like' them for great window updates!

On another note, there are only a few days left to enter the amazing giveaway from Name Your Wish Images and entries are low so get over there and say something! Enter here.


  1. I love those roman blinds! I desperately need something like that for my kitchen!! :)

    I'm visiting from the blog hop and am a new follower. Would love it if you'd considering dropping by and following back :)

  2. Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop till you Drop!

  3. The window treatment with the yellow curtains is my favorite. It is simple yet elegant -- two qualities that I look for in a well-made living room. The tall windows are also perfect. With the sunlight streaming in, it made the living room look even bigger and wider.

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