Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am clutching to my books...and loving my new one!

Ok...if you don't already know from my previous post about my love of can catch up here...then you will understand why this New York Times article, "Ikes ReDesigns Classic Bookshelf, Foreshadows the Demise of Books' saddens the furniture industry (mainly Ikea) really ready to abandon our beloved glossy, wonderfully smelling books for tchotchkes?
NY Times Article
Don't get me wrong, as a decorator, I rely on a good set of tchotchkes in every room but books are also an integral part of every room I design. I also can appreciate the convenience of a Kindle...and I would absolutely get one for any fiction books I read. But there is something to be said for opening the glossy pages of a photography book, a design book, a travel book and even a children's book that cannot be replaced by technology.
Do you think books are on the demise or do you adore them as much as I do?
From the creator of the Design Sponge Blog

The same day I read this article, I also received my advance ordered copy of Design Sponge at Home....I am reeling over the beautiful pictures and the new book is a MUST read! And Ikea....I have a spot on my traditional bookshelves for this little masterpiece!


  1. I'm 50/50 on this one-as much as I love the new book smell & glossy

  2. OooPs! ......glossy pages, I think I have an affinity for my living space square footage a bit more!

  3. I absolutely love books. The Wall St Journal had an article just this past weekend about decorators using books/shelving etc. I love the smell and they certainly lend interest and color so easily to any space.

  4. I have a thing for books, too. A book in my hand is a totally sensory experience for me. You had me at 'new book smell'! No Kindle for me anytime soon.


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