Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Decorator Wears Many Hats...

In my business, I seem to split my efforts with 50% interior decorating and 50% home staging. When I am wearing my staging hat, I work mostly with Realtors, real estate investors and builders to stage vacant properties. (I also work with homeowners to stage occupied homes but the majority of my work is staging vacant properties to create that 'model home' feel. It seems to have become my niche!)

This past week I was missing-in-action in the blog world because I was frantically pulling together a vacant property that was completed within 7 days from bidding on the job...only 4 days after I found out I got the job!! Hey, I never miss a deadline so a few things had to fall by the wayside this week!

I don't have the pics of this project yet but here is a before and after shot of a vacant I did in the winter that sold in less than 90 season...
Homestyling101: Before Shot

Homestyling101: After Shot
We had no budget to replace the window treatments and could not leave a $1+ million dollar home with grand windows and no, we worked with what we had! We were happy with the turn-out and the quick sale....and that is the adrenaline rush you get with staging! 


  1. Oh my!! Who wouldn't want to live there??! Simply gorgeous! Can you come stage MY home?!

  2. That looks great..the windows are amazing..important to highlight them.


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