Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What to do under the console table...

So one in one of my projects I put a super simple console table in the entry way. On top of the console table there are two teal lamps and a stunning nickel sunburst mirror. Great. Symmetrical. Colorful. Done.

Now what to do underneath? Not to say that you have to do something underneath but I feel like this space could use a little extra dimension....particularly under the table. Besides, there are two unsightly chords hanging down from those lamps....lets get shopping for under the console table!

This is a nice deep console table...and a cozy little ottoman underneath...nice option!

Here is a slimmer console with two cubes underneath...cute and keeping the symmetry!

Now this is a very cool eclectic idea....a nice mix of vases...a bit unexpected but very pretty!

Contemporary Entry 

I'm loving this idea...a leaning piece of artwork and some sculpture. So pretty and it draws your eye to an otherwise uninteresting part of the room....love it!

And of course, the most obvious choice, a sweet little pup!

Ok, now I am inspired...I have some ideas of what I'm going to propose to the client...let's see what wins!


  1. I think my favorite thing is that new light. It's gorgeous and goes perfectly with your decor. I love a big trunk too. It's always nice to have a decorative item that doubles as storage. Bathroom Interior Design

  2. Good idea. Needs to be very spacious. So for that, its suppose to be things underneath. But that should be neat and looks bright. And you shown as well. Very brilliant and smart. Loved the idea and the title "Under console table". Great blog. Thanks for the sharing ideas.

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