Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seek and Yee Shall Find

Thank you so much for the oodles of excitement you all shared with me yesterday over my new project. I am elated and excited to share the journey with all of you!

Right now at the shop, we are transitioning from W Antiques to Lexington Decor: the inventory, the image, the mindset. One of the biggest challenges is the overwhelming amount of inventory. Here is a shot when you walk in (these pics were taken a few months ago so some things have changed.)

 Oh yes...there is a LOT of stuff....very interesting and unique stuff...and did I mention a LOT of it? The problem is, many people can't take it all in...and they probably miss many wonderful things because there is such an abundance. Here are a few more shots....

You see what I mean....layers upon layers....of treasures!

And here is one more shot to whet your appetite!

And just to give you an idea..this is only half of the FIRST ROOM. There are THREE MORE ROOMS! Yes, people, take an hour lunch break...or two!

And that is why our motto is:

Shop. Explore. Discover

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  1. Your all photos are fabulous - everything looks beautiful as always. I was signed up to take a topiary workshop at Sung Harbor Farm earlier this month but couldn't make the drive as a huge storm arrived the night before. I will certainly pick up a copy of the magazine - that might be all the instruction I need! decorating with home


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