Monday, November 12, 2012

Recovering from Sandy and Veteran's Day

Hello Blog-land- sorry for the long in the East Coast we suffered through some crazy weather and some are still suffering. I was without power for a week...we stuck it out in a chilly home for a few days and then relocated to my in-laws once their power was restored. It was a major pain but I feel very blessed that my family was safe and that we still have a home (even if it was a chilly one!) Amiss all the chaos, I couldn't muster up the creative juices to talk about design.

Anyway, things are looking up- we have power, food & shelter and the kids are getting back to school albeit short days...but better than nothing! I resumed my client work and now back to blogging! I also want to take the time to thank our selfless Veterans for all that they have done to protect the values and freedoms we take for granted in the great country of ours.

Tomorrow we'll be back to design talk as usual...I made a big purchase this weekend and I'll share more tomorrow! Happy to be back...

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  1. Glad you life is getting back to normal after the storm. Love the "American Idol" cartoon--how true. Happy Veteran's Day.


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