Wednesday, December 12, 2012

C Wonder...I see it!

So yesterday I did make it over to one of my favorite shops, C Wonder. They have so many little yummy trinkets that I had to share some of my faves. Too bad for me- I got so overwhelmed by the prettiness and the long list of Christmas gifts I still had to buy- I left with nothing....but I came home and shopped on line:)

Good thing, because they are having a sale for the next two day which will get you free shipping and 40% off sale stuff! Hurry and shop because this stuff is selling out! Here are some things from their sale page prices do not reflect the 40% off yet....Procrastination pays for once! (BTW- use code SALE40)
Bamboo Nesting Bowls
Bamboo Nesting Bowls- $44.99- Holla!

Lace Salad Coupe
Lace Salad Coupe Plate for $5.99! Pair it with that formal china you never use!     

Ikat Tablet Case
Ikat Tablet Case for $34.99

Lacquer Box, Round
For $4.99 so cute for 40% off- seriously??
 This may have gone into my cart.....
Leather Continental Handle Wallet
Continental Wallet $74.99 and then 40%

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